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We love helping all our customers, especially the ones who really need Mortgage Advice in Cardiff - it's not just about finding a mortgage. It's about the journey, we will hold your hand through the full process.

To speak with a mortgage advisor, book your FREE mortgage appointment online or give us a call on 029 2010 2804.

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Cardiffmoneyman – Mortgage Broker in Cardiff


Welcome to Cardiffmoneyman.com, the home of Open & Honest Mortgage Advice in Cardiff. We are a Mortgage Broker in Cardiff that is here to take all of the stress away from the mortgage process. Here’s how our excellent mortgage advice service works:


– Upon your initial enquiry, we will take a few details from you regarding your current mortgage situation and get you booked in for your Free mortgage consultation with a Mortgage Advisor in Cardiff.


– This initial consultation should take between 30-60 minutes to complete.


– Your appointed Mortgage Advisor in Cardiff will search through 1000’s of mortgage deals for you, trying to find the perfect one that matches your personal and financial situation the best.


– You can either choose to move forward with us and secure the deal or go back to doing things on your own. It’s completely up to you!


Mortgage Advice in Cardiff for All Mortgage Scenarios

Over time, we find many of our customers come back to us for additional services. We have a reputation of being honest, upfront, and transparent with our customers and that’s why they come back for Remortgage Advice in Cardiff or further mortgage advice in different areas if needed. We take great pride in being able to not only kickstart new mortgage journeys but progress in existing journeys for home buyers.


As a Mortgage Broker in Cardiff, we deal with specialist mortgage cases all of the time. Our team of Mortgage Advisors work with a vast variety of mortgage lenders that offer brilliant products. Some of these products are specialist and sometimes exclusive to Mortgage Brokers in Cardiff like ourselves.


Mortgage Advice in Cardiff

We work to a time that suits you best. If are more suited to a later hour, no problem, we will have a Mortgage Advisor in Cardiff available to answer your questions.


We will hold your hand through the whole mortgage process so that you feel at ease and comfortable at all times. We love questions too! If you are ever at unease, don’t hesitate to ask your Mortgage Advisor in Cardiff a question, they will be more than happy to help. Our amazing Mortgage Advice service is portrayed in our outstanding customer reviews.

Our Reviews

Why Choose us as your Mortgage Broker in Cardiff?

We encounter recurring circumstances with customers that get in touch, which means that we usually have the knowledge to tackle their problems head-on. A common case is that the customer’s bank has turned them away (without not fully explaining why), which can be harmful due to not knowing what to fix in order to go ahead and continue with the mortgage application.


There are many reasons to why this could happen, but the important thing is to not keep applying to different lenders as your credit score could get severely damaged if you keep getting declined. The smartest and safest option is to approach a Mortgage Broker in Cardiff like us and let them find you a deal where you’ll be accepted first time around!


Our dedicated Mortgage Advisors in Cardiff work with a large amount of Mortgage lenders, that work alongside us with a variety of potential mortgage deals on offer. This means we are able to choose from thousands of deals that these lenders put forward. With confidence, we can say that as a Mortgage Broker in Cardiff, we will do everything in our power to find the most ideal mortgage for you and your personal circumstance, working hard and doing the work for you, to put you one step closer to achieving your goal of being a homeowner.


We Work For You!

We only do what’s best for you, we will never recommend you a deal that won’t work for you. The customers are at the heart of our company, and that’s why we will go above and beyond for you.


We would recommend getting a head start on the process by getting in touch with a Mortgage Broker in Cardiff. Our friendly team of Mortgage Advisors in Cardiff will be able to assist with things like budget ideas and arranging your Mortgage Agreement in Principle, something we can usually offer within 24-hours of your application. This will help you be prepared for any future offers that you receive and it will put you a few steps in front of anyone who may be interested in the same property that you are looking at.


By heading over to our Mortgage Calculator page, you can use our handy tool that will give you a rough guide on what your monthly repayments will be. It is not a guarantee by any means, but useful nonetheless.

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage advice in Cardiff – Options:

First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice Cardiff

Our Mortgage Advisors in Cardiff are here to walk you through every step, from initial mortgage enquiry, right until you get the keys to your new home.

Moving Home Mortgage Advice Cardiff

Simply, wanting Mortgage Advice in Cardiff, such as knowing how much you can borrow on a new mortgage, what happens to your old one and how much this will cost?

Remortgage Advice Cardiff

Seeking a better mortgage deal by using our Mortgage Broker in Cardiff, to reduce or extend the term, to add or remove a name, or raise money on your home?

We search 1000's of mortgage deals across a large number of lenders, including:

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Mortgage Lenders 002
Mortgage Lenders 003
Mortgage Lenders 004
Mortgage Lenders 005
Mortgage Lenders 006

Common mortgage questions

Your free initial mortgage consultation will last around 30-60 minutes. During your consultation, you will get to speak with your dedicated Mortgage Advisor in Cardiff. Their job will be to get a better understanding of your mortgage needs and situation so that they can search for the perfect mortgage deal for your personal and financial situation.

Typically, most High Street Lenders will require a 5% deposit from you. However, depending on your credit history, your lender may ask for 10%-15%.

It can still be possible to get a mortgage, even with bad credit problems in the past. Even though it may be a little harder, it isn’t impossible!

You may have to put down a higher deposit if you have bad credit, this could be 10%-15%.

Your first job is to carry out our mortgage Fact Find so that we can get an idea of your mortgage needs and what sort of deals you want to be looking for.

Afterwards, we will book you in with a Mortgage Advisor in Cardiff who will get a couple more pieces of information from you.

Then we can arrrange an Agreement in Principle for you within 24-hours to increase the chances of the seller accepting your offer.

If you’ve found yoru dream home, and are happy with our mortgage recommendation, we can start the mortgage application process! A formal mortgage offer can take longer than 3 weeks, during which, we will keep you informed with the progress of your application.

As a Mortgage Broker in Cardiff, we recommend that our applicants obtain an Agreement in Principle (AIP) as soon as possible. Having an AIP whilst you’re viewing properties can increase your chances of being accepted by the seller. It may also allow an opportunity for price negotiation.

Once you have an Agreement in Principle (AIP) in place, it should last between 30-90 days. If your AIP expires, you can easily renew it by getting back in touch with your Mortgage Advisor in Cardiff.

First of all, your free mortgage consultation should last around 30-60 minutes. Once this is complete, your Mortgage Advisor in Cardiff will obtain an Agreement in Principle for you within 24-hours. Then, if you are happy to proceed with the deal that your advisor has recommended, we can submit your mortgage application. A formal mortgage offer can take on average around 3 weeks to return.

During your mortgage application, you’ll be asked to provide evidencing documents:

– Latest 3 Payslips (Employed), Last 2 years’ Accounts (Self-Employed)
– Latest 3 Months’ Bank Statements
– Latest P60
– Photographic ID

During your mortgage application in Cardiff, if you’re Self-Employed, you’ll need to submit at least one year’s accounts. As a Mortgage Broker in Cardiff, we’ve found that most lenders use your salary plus dividend to calculate the maximum mortgage amount that you can borrow. Although, some lenders may choose to go off your net profit.

Depending on why you want to get a second mortgage, it may be easier to get one than not.

There are various reasons why someone may want a second mortgage, for example:

– Buy to Let
– Debt Consolidation
– Home Improvements
– Second Home
– Marital / Relationship Breakdown

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